Welcome to IMpasto Animation Studios

At IMpasto, we know animation, and we know how to make business cartoons tell YOUR story in YOUR unique way to sell your products or services.

Start with training by Pixar and Dreamworks animators. Add to that the savvy of 9 years’ teaching experience, writing 14 screenplays and short film scripts, solid graphic design, well-thought storyboards, endless creativity, humor and wit, and you get Ian Alexander Hanson.

His partner in crime, Michael Peloquin, takes care of the promotions and, very importantly, the app development. Well-versed in Apple, Android, and Windows, Mike will build the app that you need.

With consistent and clear comminucation, nine years of teaching experience, award-winning animation, excellent ratings and outsanding customer service, we know that IMpasto can find the way to meet all your business animation and graphic design needs.

Big historical dates

  • 2007 IMpasto Animation conceived
    Animator - Ian Alexander Hanson
  • 2010IMpasto Animation born
    Equipment - One Refurbished iMac
  • 2013 First clients: Octant and Alpine Small Business Solutions
  • 2014 Teamed up with Apprising Apps owner Michael Peloquin
  • 2015 Continued growth and success, work for a Fortune 500 company
  • 2015 Creating new entertainment, SAVE BIG! SAVE NOW! and more to come!