Explainers / Business Cartoons

Our business animation, business cartoons, and explainers go the extra mile to help you present yourself in a unique way that will dazzle your customers and clients.

We creatively and uniquely tell the story of what you do through our seven-step process:

1. Discuss with you to determine exact needs, especially to settle on mood, pacing, story, and style;
2. Present rough draft script;
3. Present final script with your revisions;
4. Produce animation;
5. Edit with voice, music and graphics to make your story sing;
6. Editing revisions as required;
7. All on time and with a smile!

Tie that in with our award-winning animation and writing, and we will bring you to the top!


Ian Alexander Hanson officially taught in the classroom for nine years, and Mike Peloquin has himself taught in a variety of contexts.

With a growing library of tutorials, it is easy to see that teaching comes very naturally to both these men.

Let our educational bent help you to build tutorials and explainers that can give your customers information or help to sell products or services.

Our business animation and business cartoons can open up knowledge about what you do and how you do it so well.


IMpasto understands entertainment - that sly remark, dramatic touch, or comedic timing that takes and grabs hold of your viewers.

Such unique story telling can keep viewer’s attention so that they fully understand what you have to offer.

We also create purely entertaining videos. Two of our most popular videos - “Good Gracious Fallacious” and “SAVE BIG! SAVE NOW!” are full of intelligent humor and wit that both grab your audience as well as keep their attention.

IMpasto also has two feature films planned for future development, complete with characters and script ready to go as the time is right.